Learning MAXScript - Topics Index

The following page provides links to topics intended to introduce you to the MAXScript language.

MAXScript Online Reference

The introduction page of this document provides a short overview of MAXScript and links to the main areas of interest to start with.

MAXScript Overview

An overview of MAXScript.

Using the MAXScript Documentation

An overview of this document's structure.

Learning MAXScript

Introduction to the MAXScript learning topics.

Getting Started

Accessing MAXScript

Explains how and where to access MAXScript in the 3ds Max User Interface.

Source Code Layout

An introduction to the basics of the MAXScript code layout.

Entering Information into MAXScript

Explains how to enter information into MAXScript using the Listener.

Assigning Variables

Shows how to assign values to variables.

Mathematical Operations in MAXScript

Demonstrates the usage of some basic mathematical operations in MAXScript.

Manipulating The Box - First Steps in MAXScript

Drawing a Box with MAXScript

The first interaction with the 3ds Max scene using MAXScript - creating a simple Box primitive from the MAXScript command line.

Modifying the Box

Teaches you how to change some properties of the Box.

Applying Standard Transformations

Learn how to move, rotate and scale an object using the Box created in the previous tutorials.

More Box Transformations

Learn how add modifiers to the Box and animate the transformations.

Creating Your Own Scripts

The Script Editor

Introduction to the MAXScript Editor, the place you write actual programming code.

Controlling Program Flow in Scripts

Shows some basic of program flow control like conditions and loops.

Defining Custom Functions

Explains the usage of local and global variables and the definition of custom functions.

Structure Definitions

Demonstrates the definition of custom structures.

3ds Max Commands in MAXScript

Shows some basic 'max commands'. For a full list of commands, see MAX Commands

Saving your Commands in a Script File

Basic steps to save scripts to files.

Loading and Running Your Script File

Basic steps to load and use files from disk.

Learning From Other Scripts

Loading Other Scripts

Explains how to load scripts written by others to examine and study the way they were written.

Learning MAXScript by Walking Through a Script

Explains how to walk through existing scripts in order to understand their way of working.

Learning MAXScript with the Macro Recorder

Explains how to use the Macro Recorder to learn MAXScript. Note that the code automatically generated by the recorder can be used as a guideline but should not be taken as the perfect syntax. Code written by humans will be much more optimized in most cases!

MAXScript for New and Casual Users

MAXScript for New and Casual Users

These pages are meant as introduction for users not intending to become advanced scripters but wanting to use existing scripts in their daily work.

Scripted Utilities for New Users

Explains how to install and where to locate scripted utilities.

MacroScripts for New Users

Explains how to install and where to locate macroScripts.

Scripted Plug-ins for New Users

Explains how to install and where to locate scripted plug-ins.

Scripted Functions for New Users

Explains how to use existing scripted functions.

MAXScript DLX Extensions for New Users

Explains how to install MAXScript Extensions plug-ins.


How To - Introduction to the Tutorials

This index page lists all 'How To...' Tutorials included in this document. These tutorials are based on real-world examples and contain detailed explanations and links to relevant topics.

Online Help Script Examples

This page lists the majority of example scripts included as examples in this document. These scripts and functions are usually directly usable in the daily practice and not just abstract examples.

Sample Scripts in the Scripts/Examples Directory

This page lists the majority of example script files shipping as examples with 3ds Max.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides a large number of typical user questions and their answers. Most questions are based on real-world problems.