Linked_XForm : Modifier

Linked_XForm - superclass: modifier; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(806195, 0)


linked_xform ...

LinkedXForm ...

Note: Linked_Xform class instances are not creatable by MAXScript in Autodesk VIZ


<Linked_XForm>.backTransform BooleanClass default: true -- boolean; Back_Transform

Get/Set the state of the Back Transform checkbox.

<Linked_xform>.Control Node default: undefined

Object that the vertices are linked to. When transformed, the vertices follow.


In 3ds Max 4.2, an FPS interface was added to the Linked XForm modifier to expose a 'control' property, and the PB2 'control' property was hidden from MAXScript. Setting the control node with MAXScript now updates the internal offset matrices. Results can be unpredictable if the modifier is applied to multiple nodes since you aren't sure which of the nodes will be used when calculating the internal matrices.

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