Loft : GeometryClass


Loft compound objects are not constructable by MAXScript.


<Loft>.Def_Scale_X SubAnim default: SubAnim:Def_Scale_X

<Loft>.Def_Scale_Y SubAnim default: SubAnim:Def_Scale_Y

<Loft>.Def_Twist SubAnim default: SubAnim:Def_Twist

<Loft>.Def_Teeter_X SubAnim default: SubAnim:Def_Teeter_X

<Loft>.Def_Teeter_Y SubAnim default: SubAnim:Def_Teeter_Y

<Loft>.Def_Bevel SubAnim default: SubAnim:Def_Bevel

<Loft>.Def_Fit_X SubAnim default: SubAnim:Def_Fit_X

<Loft>.Def_Fit_Y SubAnim default: SubAnim:Def_Fit_Y

These SubAnims contain the deformation curves of the loft object. You cannot create or access points in these curves unless the point is animated. In this case, you can access the animated point position as a SubAnim of the property.

The following properties are available only after the loft object has been created. The values shown for the properties are those for a loft object created from an ellipse (the path) and a circle (the shape).

<loft>.ellipse SubAnim default: SubAnim:Ellipse

<Loft>.circle SubAnim default: SubAnim:Circle

These SubAnims contain the parameters of the path and shape objects, respectively. If multiple shapes are used in a loft, each of these shape objects will have a corresponding SubAnim.

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