logsystem const StructDef

3ds Max System Globals

System Globals:

logsystem.quietMode SystemGlobal:quietMode default:false

Lets you get and set whether error logging quiet mode is enabled. A Boolean value set to true when you do not want error messages from the renderer to bring up dialog boxes. If set to false, error messages from the renderer will bring up dialog boxes. 3ds Max sets the corresponding internal variable to true during network rendering to suppress error messages such as the "Missing Maps" and "Missing Map Coordinates" dialogs. If this variable is set to true and the renderer generates an error message, the renderer will exit. After setting quiet mode, do not forget to clear it when you are done, since the user will not see any error messages from the renderer while quiet mode is enabled.


logsystem.logEntry < string > [debug:<bool>] [info:<bool>] [warning:<bool>] [error:<bool>]

Outputs the string to the log file, based on the various type keyword parameters.

Default values are: debug:true, info:false, warning:false, error:false

Output to the log file is filtered by the settings in the Preference Settings dialog, Files tab.


<filename>logsystem.logName <filename>

new.gif NEW in 3ds Max 9: Sets the log file to the given filename. If the log file was created successfully, returns the new log name. If the new file creation failed, returns the current log file name.


logsystem.logName "c:\\extra.log"


logsystem.logName "z:\\extra.log" --Z: does not exist, keeps old log