LS_Colors : SpacewarpModifier

LS_Colors - superclass: SpacewarpModifier; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(1250446478, 407706705)


LS_Colors ...

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<LS_Colors>.addToColors BooleanClass default: false -- boolean; Add_to_colors

When set to true, the result of the color conversion is added to existing vertex color values, if there are any.

<LS_Colors>.brightness Float default: 50.0 -- animatable; float

Controls the brightness of the displayed image on your monitor. The setting of this control does not affect the actual lighting levels in the model.

<LS_Colors>.contrast Float default: 50.0 -- animatable; float

Controls the contrast between light and dark regions in the model.

<LS_Colors>.convertLight Integer default: 1 -- integer; Convert_Light

<LS_Colors>.daylight Boolean default: true -- boolean

Determines whether natural daylight is to be used in the calculation.

<LS_Colors>.exterior Boolean default: false -- boolean

Used for exterior daylight simulations.

<LS_Colors>.useExposureControl Boolean default: false -- boolean; Use_Exposure_Control

This option determines whether the Brightness, Contrast, Daylight and Exterior Scene parameters will be used for calculating the vertex colors, or the Exposure control attached to the scene.

<LS_Colors>.useSelfIllumination Boolean default: true -- boolean; Use_self_illumination

Enable/Disable self-illumination usage.


The LS_Colors Spacewarp Modifier is only applicable to objects of the LightscapeMesh class imported from Lightscape using the Lightscape Solution File Importer.

When a Lightscape scene is imported, the radiosity values are kept as irradiances, that is they describe the intensity of light falling on a mesh in physical units. This modifier converts the physical units to RGB colors. In conjunction with the LS_Mesh modifier, this modifier can be used to produce meshes suitable for game engines.

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