macroScript Localization Support for CUI and menu files

In order to make the menu and CUI files more easily localized, a keyword argument, InternalCategory:, has been added to the macroScript facility.

Previously, when a macroScript is assigned to a CUI button or menu item, it is identified in the CUI or MNU file using the macroScript name and category, like this (from the menu file):


"Isolate" is the name of the macro and "Tools" is the category.

The macroScript that defines this operation looks like:

MacroScript Isolate


ToolTip:"Isolate Tool"


The problem is when the macroScript is localized, the category is localized but the macroScript name "Isolate" should not be localized. When it is localized, then the MNU file entry of "Isolate`Tools" no longer works.

A non-localized category name is needed that would be used to write the operation to MNU and CUI files.

In this case the macroScript now looks like:

MacroScript Isolate
"Tools" -- This is the new keyword

ToolTip:"Isolate Tool"

When this macroScript is localized the Category would be translated, but the InternalCategory would not.