MapScalerSpacewarpModifier : SpacewarpModifier

MapScalerSpacewarpModifier - superclass: SpacewarpModifier; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(229485986, 0)


MapScalerSpacewarpModifier ...

MapScalerOSM ...


<MapScalerSpacewarpModifier>.scale Float default: 100.0 -- animatable; float

The size of one repeat of the texture pattern. Size is measured in current scene units. Repeats occur across the object in the U direction.

<MapScalerSpacewarpModifier>.channel Integer default: 1 -- integer

The map channel used.

<MapScalerSpacewarpModifier>.uOffset Float default: 0.0 -- animatable; float

The U direction map offset.

<MapScalerSpacewarpModifier>.vOffset Float default: 0.0 -- animatable; float

The V direction map offset.

<MapScalerSpacewarpModifier>.wrap Boolean default: true -- boolean

When true, Map Scaler attempts to wrap the texture evenly around the object. This option requires more computing, but usually produces the most satisfactory results.

<MapScalerSpacewarpModifier>.wrapUsingSmoothingGroups BooleanClass default: false -- boolean

Controls the state of Wrap using Smoothing Groups checkbox. When set to true and .wrap is also set to true, Map Scaler will attempt to wrap the texture around the object based on its smoothing groups. Available in 3ds Max 8 and higher.

<MapScalerSpacewarpModifier>.upDirection Integer default: 1 -- radio button number; localZUp

Sets the map alignment:

  1. World Z Axis (Aligns the map with the Z axis of the world.)

  2. Local Z Axis (Aligns the map with the local Z axis of the object.)


The two parameters for the MapScalerSpacewarpModifier, "U Offset" and "V Offset", will let you fine-tune mapping placement on a per-instance basis, as opposed to controlling from the texture map definition in the material. The values can be positive or negative, and are controlled independently.

If the Wrap toggle is ON, the offset values are ignored, and the controls are
disabled. This is because "wrapping" determines the offsets for each face based
on a specific previous face, so it doesn't make much sense to control the
offset for just one face (or one set of coplanar faces). Therefore, if Wrap is
ON, it works just as before. Likewise, if the U and V Offset values are 0, the results should be identical to previous versions.

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