MaterialModifier : Modifier

Materialmodifier - superclass: modifier; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(1017362, 0)


materialModifier ...


<Materialmodifier>.materialid Integer default: 1 -- animatable, alias: Material_ID

The material ID to be assigned. If the input object is in face sub-selection, then the ID is only applied to selected faces, otherwise it is applied to the entire object. The ID number refers to one of the materials in a multi/sub-object material.


The default modifier name used when creating a MaterialModifier modifier is "material". If you then try to access the modifier as a property of the node it is applied to, a name conflict occurs with the material property of nodes. To prevent this conflict, you should specify a name during MaterialModifier creation.

For example:

addModifier myObj (materialModifier materialID:5 name:"MaterialMod")

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