MatteRenderElement : RenderElement

MatteRenderElement - superclass: RenderElement; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 9:0 - classID: #(18, 0)

The MatteRenderElement outputs a matte element of objects selected by G-Buffer, Material ID or by user-defined object selection.


This RenderElement is not available in Autodesk VIZ.


MatteRenderElement ...


<MatteRenderElement>.enabled BooleanClass default: true -- boolean


<MatteRenderElement>.filterOn BooleanClass default: true -- boolean; FilteringOn


<MatteRenderElement>.elementName String default: "Matte" -- string


<MatteRenderElement>.bitmap UndefinedClass default: undefined -- bitmap; !error setting value!


<MatteRenderElement>.mtlIDOn BooleanClass default: false -- boolean; Material_ID_Filter_On


<MatteRenderElement>.gbufIDOn BooleanClass default: false -- boolean; G_Buffer_ID_Filter_On


<MatteRenderElement>.gbufID Integer default: 1 -- integer; G_Buffer_ID


<MatteRenderElement>.mtlID Integer default: 1 -- integer; Material_ID


<MatteRenderElement>.includeOn BooleanClass default: false -- boolean; Include_On


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