MAXKey Common Properties, Operators, and Methods


addNewKey <controller> <time> [ #select ] [ #interpolate ]

Adds a new key to the controller track at the time specified. The new key is also selected in the track view if the #select optional argument is specified. The value for the new key is taken from the previous key, unless the #interpolate argument is specified in which case the value is the interpolated controller value at that time.

getKey <controller> <index_integer>

Returns the indexed key as a MAXKey instance.


where <key_array> is:




For keys associated with all keyframeable controller types, the following properties are accessible:

<key>.time Time

time value or number (interpreted as frames)

<key>.selected Boolean

specifies whether the key is selected. Read/write access.

The .time property is read-only for the keys for some controllers, and read/write for the keys of other controllers. The controller type description specifies whether the .time property is read-only or read/write. For controllers where the key .time property is read/write, the following properties are also available:

<key>.value varies -- class determined by its containing controller


copy <key>

Creates a copy of the key value. This copy is not independent of the original key, as a key value always references a key in a controller. This method exists primarily to support copying of arrays.

The keys on Bézier, TCB, and Barycentric Morph controllers have additional properties and methods. See Bezier Controller Keys, TCB Controller Keys, and Barycentric Morph Controller Keys for details.

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