MAXNoteKeyArray Values

A MAXNoteKeyArray represents all the note keys in a 3ds Max note track. See also MAXNoteKey Values and Notetrack Values. MAXNoteKeyArray values are mappable.



The note key array can be constructed by accessing the keys property on the note track.


nt=getNoteTrack $foo.position.controller 1 -- get first note track on controller

ntk=nt.keys -- note key array for note track


<NoteKeyArray>.count : Integer, read-only

Returns the number of objects in set



Accesses member of collection. Indexes start at 1.


addNewNoteKey <NoteKeyArray> <time>

Adds a new note key to the note key array at the time specified. The value for the new note key is a null string. Returns the note key added.

deleteNoteKeys <NoteKeyArray> ( #allKeys | #selection )

Deletes note keys from the note key array according to the optional symbolic argument supplied.

#allKeys: deletes all keys in the note key array.

#selection: deletes the currently selected note keys

deleteNoteKey <NoteKeyArray> <index_integer>

Deletes the indexed note key. Key indexes are 1-based.

sortNoteKeys <NoteKeyArray>

Re-sorts note keys according to their times. Some MAXNoteKey operations can result in out of order note keys and this function must be called to correctly order note keys.

Associated Methods

getNoteKeyTime <notetrack> <index>

Returns the time of indexed note key.

getNoteKeyIndex < notetrack > <time>

Returns the index of the note key at the specified time.