MAXScript Documentation Changes in 3ds Max 5.1.1


New Particle Flow Section

Particle Flow and MAXScript

This new section documents the usage of MAXScript with the Particle Flow System and lists all Classes, Interfaces and Methods exposed by Particle Flow. It also features multiple examples.

Topics Added

Scripted TrackViewUtility Plug-ins

This previously undocumented 3ds Max 5 feature lets the used create scripted Track View Utility plug-ins to implement custom tasks over tracks, keys and objects inside of Track View.

Accessing the Viewport Vertex Alpha Values

This additional topic explains the possibilities to access to Vertex Alpha as seen in the viewports. Also added the topic to the MAXScript Questions and Answers

New and Fixed Examples


Fixed the RefineSegment usage example.

TexurePlane SimpleObject Scripted Plug-in

New SimpleObject example showing the implementation of UVW handlers and generation code.

How To - Introduction to the Tutorials

Added screenshots and rendered images to many of the "How To" tutorials to illustrate the features and results of the final scripts.

Exiting and Resetting 3ds Max

Fixed documentation for resetMaxFile() and added a new example using checkForSave() to only reset after a Save file prompt.

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