MAXScript Extensions for mental ray

This page shows some mental ray related classes and interfaces.

These classes and interface are not officially supported at this point.

mental ray Renderer

mental_ray_renderer : RendererClass

mental ray Preferences

Interface: mental_ray_Preferences

mental ray Material:

mental_ray : material

mental ray Custom Attributes:

mental_ray__Area_Light_custom_attribute : CustAttrib

mental_ray__Indirect_Illumination_custom_attribute : CustAttrib

mental_ray__light_shader_custom_attribute : CustAttrib

mental_ray__material_custom_attribute : CustAttrib

mental ray Lights and Shadows:

miAreaLight : light

miAreaLightomni : light

mental_ray_Shadow_Map : Shadow

mental ray Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS) Shaders:

Sub-Surface Scattering - mental ray Shaders

mental ray Ambient Occlusion Shaders:

Ambient_Reflective_Occlusion__base : textureMap

mental ray Arch and Design Material:

new.gif NEW in 3ds Max 9: Arch___Design__mi: material