MAXScript Extensions for Reactor

The reactorInterface provides access to the Reactor utility parameters and controls in 3ds Max 6 and higher:

Interface: reactorInterface

The following additional Interfaces and ReferenceTarget objects are exposed by Reactor:

Interface: rigidBodyInterface

Interface: primitiveInterface

Collision_Info : ReferenceTarget

The following Reactor Helpers are creatable and accessible through MAXScript:

RBCollection : Helper

CSolver : Helper

Point_Point : Helper

Point_Path : Helper

Hinge : Helper

Ragdoll : Helper

Carwheel : Helper

Prismatic : Helper

L_Dashpot : Helper

A_Dashpot : Helper

CLCollection : Helper

DMCollection : Helper

RPCollection : Helper

SBCollection : Helper

Fracture : Helper

Motorhelper : Helper

Planehelper : Helper

Springhelper : Helper

Toy_Car : Helper

Windhelper : Helper

The following Reactor Spacewarps are creatable and accessible through MAXScript:

WaterSpaceWarp : SpacewarpObject

The following Reactor Modifiers are creatable and accessible through MAXScript:

reactor_Cloth : Modifier

reactor_Rope : Modifier

reactor_SoftBody : Modifier