MAXScript for New and Casual Users


MAXScript is a very powerful addition to the 3ds Max toolset. Using it in daily work can highly increase productivity or even let the user find solutions not directly available in the base software. Just like using plug-ins, using freely or commercially available scripts does not require knowledge of the programming language used to develop them. MAXScript allows the developer to build a user-friendly UI that isolates the end user from the internal code.

In addition, a large portion of the User Interface of 3ds Max uses MAXScript. This means that having a basic understanding of how scripts are installed and executed is an important part of the ground knowledge of the software.

The following pages should give new or casual MAXScript users the necessary information to install and work with 3rd party scripts.


Scripted Utilities for New Users

MacroScripts for New Users

Scripted Plug-ins for New Users

Scripted Functions for New Users

MAXScript DLX Extensions for New Users


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