Melt : Modifier

Melt - superclass: modifier; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(919621541, 1342646195)


melt ...

Note: This class is not available in Autodesk VIZ.


<Melt>.Melt_Amount Float default: 0.0 -- animatable

The extent of the "decay", or melting effect applied to the gizmo, thus affecting the object.

<Melt>.Spread Float default: 19.0 -- animatable

Specifies how much the object and melt will spread as the Amount value increases. It’s basically a "bulge" along a flat plane.

<Melt>.Solidity_Preset Integer default: 0

The relative height of the center of the melted object. Less-solid substances like jelly tend to settle more in the center as they melt. This group provides several presets for different types of substances, as well as a Custom spinner for setting your own solidity:

0- Ice (The default Solidity setting.)

1- Glass (Uses a high Solidity setting to simulate glass.)

2- Jelly (Causes a significant drooping effect in the center.)

3- Custom (Sets any solidity between 0.2 and 30.0.)

<Melt>.Solidity_Custom_Value Float default: 1.0 -- animatable

Custom solidity value.

<Melt>.axis Integer default: 0

The axis (local to the object) on which the melt will occur. Note that this axis is local to the Melt gizmo and not related to the selected entity.

0- Z

1- Y

2- X

<Melt>.Negative_Axis Integer default: 0

Normally, the melt occurs from the positive direction toward the negative along a given axis. Turn on Flip Axis to reverse this direction.

0- Don’t Flip Axis

1- Flip Axis

<Melt>.center SubAnim default: SubAnim:Center -- point3; SubAnim

Get the center of the melt gizmo. Note: In releases prior to 3ds Max 5, this property was exposed as a Point3 value.

<Melt>.gizmo SubAnim

At this sub-object level, you can transform and animate the gizmo like any other object, altering the effect of the Melt modifier.

<Melt.gizmo>.position Point3 default: [0,0,0] -- animatable

The position of the gizmo. Translating the gizmo translates its center an equal distance.

<Melt.gizmo>.rotation Quat default: (quat 0 0 0 1) -- animatable

The rotation of the gizmo. Rotating the gizmo takes place with respect to its center.

<Melt.gizmo>.scale Point3 default: [1,1,1] -- animatable

The scaling of the gizmo. Scaling the gizmo takes place with respect to its center.

The following properties are defined by Melt, but are not used:

<Melt>.cut_Off__obsolete Float default: 0.0 -- animatable

<Melt>.Confine_To_Gizmo Integer default: 0

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