Miscellaneous Dialogs

For methods associated with the Render Effects dialog, see RenderEffect : MAXWrapper.

For methods associated with the Render Environment dialog, see Atmospheric : MAXWrapper.


Displays the Exclude/Include dialog used for Lights, and returns an array of the nodes moved into the Include/Exclude list.



This method puts up the Configure Bitmap Paths dialog to let the user configure the bitmap loading paths. Returns false if the user cancels out of the Configure Bitmap Paths dialog, true otherwise.


materialBrowseDlg [#mats] [#maps] [#incNone] [#instanceOnly]

This method puts up the Material/Map Browser. This method returns undefined if no Material or TextureMap is picked, otherwise a copy or instance of the Material or TextureMap is returned. The definition of the parameters are:


Display Materials only.


Display TextureMaps only.


Include "None" as a Material and TextureMap.


If the selected Material or TextureMap already exists, the returned value contains an instance. Otherwise a dialog is displayed for the user to specify Copy or Instance.

If neither #mats or #maps is specified, both Materials and TextureMaps are displayed. If both are specified, TextureMaps are displayed.


mtlBrowser.browseFrom [#mtlLibrary | #mtlEditor | #activeSlot | #selected | #scene | #new]

Lets you set the Browse From: source for the modeless material browser.



This method displays the Object Color picker dialog, and returns the selected color as a Color value.



This method toggles the Grid and Snap Settings dialog.



This method displays the Units Setup dialog.