Miscellaneous Functions



Frees up all the memory used by the image file bitmap caches. This is useful if memory is fragmented with a lot of different bitmaps and you want to have just the ones currently active reloaded.


rescaleWorldUnits <factor> [ #selOnly ]

This method provides functionality similar to that of Rescale World Utility plug-in in 3ds Max. <factor> is the factor the objects should be scaled by. If #selOnly is specified then only the selected objects are scaled.



Returns true if 3ds Max is operating in network rendering mode and false if operating in normal interactive mode.


loadDllsFromDir <directory_path_string> <filename_wildcard_string>

Load all the plug-ins found in the specified directory. The directory_path_string must be terminated with a ‘\’.

For example:

LoadDllsFromDir "f:\\maxsdk\\plugin\\" "*.dlc"


Returns an Array with three integers like #(3000, 6, 0) with 3ds Max release number, max API number, revision number of the SDK.



Returns the 3ds Max window size in pixels.



Returns the 3ds Max window position in pixels relative to the upper left corner of the desktop. Returns [-4,-4] when the application is maximized.


swap <destination> <destination>

Takes two valid assignment destinations (property, array index, or variable) as arguments and swaps their values.

For example:

swap myMaterial.diffuseMap.map1 myMaterial.diffuseMap.map2