MoFlowTransition : MaxWrapper


addTransition <from_MoFlowSnippet > <to_MoFlowSnippet > <bool_optimize>

Adds a new MoFlowTransition from the from_MoFlowSnippet to the to_MoFlowSnippet if one doesn’t already exist. The optimize parameter acts as the "Optimize Selected Transition" in the Motion Flow Editor.


<MoFlowTransition>.fromSnippet MoFlowSnippet Default: Varies

Specifies the MoFlowSnippet transitioning from.

<MoFlowTransition>.toSnippet MoFlowSnippet Default: Varies

Specifies the MoFlowSnippet transitioning to.

<MoFlowTransition>.active Boolean Default: True -- Read-only

Specifies whether the MoFlowTransition is active.

<MoFlowTransition>.selected Boolean Default: False

Specifies whether the MoFlowTransition line is selected in the Motion Flow Graph.

<MoFlowTransition>.tranInfos Array Default: #(MoFlowTranInfo : [X,X])

-- Read-only

Array of motion flow transition info blocks (MoFlowTranInfo values). The element of this array used is determined by the <mfscriptItem>.tranIndex property.


addTranInfo < MoFlowTransition >

Adds a new MoFlowTranInfo to the MoFlowTransition and returns the newly created MoFlowTranInfo.

deleteTranInfo < MoFlowTransition > <index_integer>

Deletes the indexed MoFlowTranInfo from MoFlowTransition. If the MoFlowTranInfo is the only MoFlowTranInfo in MoFlowTransition, it is not deleted.

Related Methods

deleteTransition < MoFlowSnippet > <index_integer>

Deletes the indexed MoFlowTransition emanating from the MoFlowSnippet.

deleteTransitionsTo <from_MoFlowSnippet > <to_MoFlowSnippet >

Deletes all transitions that emanate to the specified snippet.

computeAnimation <moflow> [redraw:<true>] [incGlobals:<false>]

Computes the global flow network. This function has to be called to update any changes made to the motion flow network. redraw:true will redraw the viewports. incGlobals:true will also include the global motion flow network


Changes to the MoFlowTransition property values do not cause an immediate update of the biped. ComputeAnimation must be called on the MoFlow value to recompute the biped motion.

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