New ParameterBlock2 data types added

MAXScript Language Improvements in 3ds Max 5


TYPE_INDEX, TYPE_INDEX_TAB, TYPE_MATRIX3, and TYPE_MATRIX3_TAB have been added as supported PB2 data types in MAXScript. TYPE_INDEX is used for parameters that are 0-based, but are exposed in MAXScript as 1-based - for example, a vertex index.

The above data types are also available in scripted parameter blocks with types of #index, #indexTab, #matrix3, and #matrix3Tab, respectively.

For Example:

height1 type:#index animatable:true default:1 ui:height1

height3 type:#indexTab tabSizeVariable:true

m3a type:#matrix3 default:(matrix3 [1,0,0] [0,0,1] [0,-1,0] [53.1187,-6.50834e-007,14.8893])

m3b type:#matrix3tab tabSizeVariable:true


type:#index is animatable, #matrix3 is not.

type:#index should behave in the same manner as type:#int, except the data value stored is 0-based but is seen by MAXScript as 1-based. So if you had an object using an animated height1 property (as defined above), you would see something like:

$.height1 --> 15

$.height1.controller.value --> 14.0


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