NodeChildrenArray Values

A NodeChildrenArray represents the direct children of a scene node as a virtual array. As such, you can iterate over the children, apply mapped functions to them and obtain certain properties such as count and bounding box info. Also see General Node Properties. NodeChildrenArray values are mappable.




<nodechildrenarray>.center : Point3, read-only

Returns center of bounding box of children.

<nodechildrenarray>.max : Point3, read-only

Returns maximum corner of bounding box.

<nodechildrenarray>.min : Point3, read-only

Returns minimum corner of bounding box.

<nodechildrenarray>.count : Integer, read-only

Returns number of objects in set.


<nodechildrenarray>[<integer>] -- retrieve nth child


append <nodechildrenarray> <node>

Makes the specified node a child of the node NodeChildrenArray was constructed from.

deleteItem <nodechildrenarray> <node>

Removes specified node as a child of the node NodeChildrenArray was constructed from.


Unlike ObjectSets, you cannot use NodeChildrenArray as the root of a pathname.

The order of sequencing is consistent in a stable scene but somewhat arbitrary - it depends on how 3ds Max stores its object hierarchy internally which is effected mostly by order of additions and deletions to and from the scene.