Normalize_Spl : modifier

Normalize_Spl - superclass: modifier; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 1:0 - classID: #(474287708, 772671746)


normalize_spl ...

normalize_spline ...


<Normalize_Spl>.Length Float default: 20.0 -- float

Determines how many control points are added. Smaller values produce more control points; larger values produce fewer.

The positions of the original vertices are disregarded. Vertices are set to regular intervals once the Normalize Spline modifier is applied.


In versions prior 3ds Max 4, this class was called Normalize_Spline. It has been rewritten to use ParamBlock2 but has retained the same ClassID and properties. Both the old and the new constructor will create an instance of Normalize_Spl class in 3ds Max 4 and above. Loading old .MAX files with a Normalize_Spline modifier will create a Normalize_Spl modifier in the scene so handling is completely transparent to the user and will not break existing scripts. Testing the class of the modifier using classof against both the old and the new class name will return true.

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