Notetrack Values

The following methods are related to creating, adding, deleting Note tracks. See MAXNoteKeyArray Values and MAXNoteKey Values for information on accessing the contents of Note tracks.


notetrack <name_string>

Creates a new, empty note track with the specified name. The name is only used to differentiate different note tracks in MAXScript but is not visible in 3ds Max.


<noteTrack>.keys MAXNoteKeyArray

<noteTrack>.name String


getNoteKeyTime <notetrack> <index>

Returns the time of indexed note key.

getNoteKeyIndex < notetrack > <time>

Returns the index of the note key at the specified time.

Associated Methods

addNoteTrack <MAXWrapper_object> <NoteTrack>

Adds a new note track to the MAXWrapper object.

deleteNoteTrack <MAXWrapper_object> <NoteTrack>

Deletes specified note track from the MAXWrapper object.

hasNoteTracks <MAXWrapper_object>

Returns true if the MAXWrapper object has note tracks, false otherwise.

numNoteTracks <MAXWrapper_object>

Returns the number of note tracks applied to the MAXWrapper object as an integer.

getNoteTrack <MAXWrapper_object> <index_integer>

Returns the indexed note track applied to the MAXWrapper object. Index is 1-based.