NURBSControlVertex : NURBSObject

This class defines an independent Control Vertex of a NURBS Curve or NURBS Surface. This class shares may of the same properties as a NURBSPoint and has the added property of a rational weight. The weight value of a CV is rational. That is, it is relative to other CVs in the curve or surface. Changing the weight of all CVs at once has no effect, because this doesn’t change the ratio between weights.


NURBSControlVertex <point3> [<weight_float>]

getCV <nurbscvcurve> <index>

getCV <nurbscvsurface> <u_index> <v_index>


<nurbscontrolvertex> == <nurbscontrolvertex>

<nurbscontrolvertex> != <nurbscontrolvertex>


<nurbscontrolvertex>.weight : float

The weight of the control vertex. This is a value greater than zero. Larger values cause the CV to have a greater effect, thus the curve or surface will try to pass closer to the CV.

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