NURBSMirrorSurface : NURBSSurface

This class defines a dependent Mirror surface. A Mirror surface is similar to a mirror object that you create using the Mirror tool (on the 3ds Max toolbar) or the Mirror modifier. It is the original surface reflected about one or two axes.


NURBSMirrorSurface [<property>:<val>]...

Any of the object's properties may be set via optional keyword arguments on the constructor.

getObject <nurbsset> <index>


<nurbsmirrorsurface>.parent : integer

The parent curve by NURBSet index.

<nurbsmirrorsurface>.parentID : integer

The parent curve by NURBSId.

<nurbsmirrorsurface>.axis : #X, #Y, #Z, #XY, #XZ, #YZ

The axis or axes of reflection for the surface.

<nurbsmirrorsurface>.distance : float

The offset from the center of the local coordinate system for the mirror object that moves the mirror, in the direction specified by the mirror axis.

<nurbsmirrorsurface>.transform : matrix3

This is an additional transformation applied to the axis specification. This corresponds to the gizmo the user may use interactively to alter the location of the mirror axis. This is exactly equivalent to setting the transform on the gizmo of a mirror modifier.

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