NURBSPointConstPoint : NURBSPoint

This class defines a dependent point that lies at a point or relative to it. It is a point constrained relative to another point. This can be a point used to define a point surface or point curve, it can be a trim point, or just a point in space. There are two ways to specify the displacement of the point’s location relative to the U position:


NURBSPointConstPoint [<property>:<val>]...

Any of the object's properties may be set via optional keyword arguments on the constructor.

getObject <nurbsset> <index>


<nurbspointconstpoint>.parent : integer

The parent point by NURBSet index.

<nurbspointconstpoint>.parentID : integer

The parent point by NURBSId.

<nurbspointconstpoint>.type : #onObject, #offset


<nurbspointconstpoint>.offset : point3

Offset vector if an offset type.

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