Parameter Wiring

The Parameter Wire manager is described in the core interface 'paramWire' .

In the general case, a wire controller can be wired to any number of other wire controllers in two-way relationships. Each wire has a set of information that defines it, accessible using the indexed accessor functions.


The following will demonstrate a way to query a wire controller and determine what parameters it is referencing.

wc = $.pos.controller.x_position.controller -- get pos X controller

if classOf wc == Float_Wire do

( -- list out its connections

for i in 1 to wc.numWires do


parent = wc.getWireParent i

parent_owner = (refs.dependents parent)[1]

param_name = getSubAnimName parent (wc.getWireSubnum i)

format "wire %: % in %\n" i param_name parent_owner




Additionally, you can use the subAnim indexing operator as a way to scan down through an object for wire controllers,

For example

for i in 1 to $foo.numSubs do
if classOf $foo[i].controller == ...

Also, you might also find the exprForMAXObject() method useful here to get a MAXScript expression for the parent or parent owner.

See also

Interface: paramWire

Float_Wire : FloatController

Point3_Wire : Point3Controller

Position_Wire : PositionController

Rotation_Wire : RotationController

Scale_Wire : ScaleController