Particle Flow Sample Scripts

The following Sample Scripts show how to use MAXScript to control Particle Flow particles.


Update Step Scripts:

Every Step Update Example

Final Step Update Example

Particle Channel Scripts:

particleInteger Sample Script

particleFloat Sample Script

particleVector Sample Script

Birth Script:

Birth Script Example

Fragmentation Sample Script

Script Operator:

Script Operator Example

Speed Operator in Script Operator Example

View-Dependent Particle Resolution Example

Metaball Sample Script

Flying Letters from a Custom Text

Script Test:

Script Test Example

Scripted Position Test Example

Age Test in Script Test Example

Integrator ProceedSynch Example

Proceed With Integrate Script_Test Example

Creating and Connecting Actions:

VolumeDocking Sample Script

Misc. Examples:

MacroScript: Open Particle View

MacroScript: Open Particle View on Second Monitor

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