particleInteger Sample Script


The following sample script assigns Integer values to the particleInteger channel according to particle speed.

Can Be Used With:

Can be used to choose targets in the Find_Target Test when .Assignment_Type is set to 4 : By Script Integer.


When used with a Find_Target operator, the particleInteger channel can be used to specify the target objects by index.

If the speed is below 1 unit per frame, then the particle is assigned to the first target (index=0). If the speed is higher than 10 units per frame then the particle is assigned to the third target (index=2). All other particles are assigned to the second target (index = 1).


--The ChannelsUsed handler defines the channels

--to be made available to the script.

--For the list of all channels, see

--Interface: MaxscriptParticleContainer

--The parameter pCont passed to the handler

--contains the Particle Container the script is applied to

on ChannelsUsed pCont do


--Enable the Time channel:

pCont.useTime = true

--Enable the Speed channel:

pCont.useSpeed = true

--Enable the Integer channel:

pCont.useInteger = true


--The Init hander is called on initialization.

--It is not used in this case.

on Init pCont do




--The Proceed handler contains the main script

--applied to the Particles.

--The parameter pCont passed to the handler

--contains the Particle Container the script is applied to:

on Proceed pCont do

--get the number of particles

count = pCont.NumParticles()


--define two local variables slowSpeed and fastSpeed

--as 1 resp. 10 units per frame (in NTSC time 160 ticks are 1 frame)

slowSpeed = 1/160.0

fastSpeed = 10/160.0


--Loop from 1 to the number of particles:

for i in 1 to count do



--Set the particle index in the container to the current i value

pCont.particleIndex = i


--If the length of the particleSpeed vector is shorter than

--the defined slowSpeed value,

--then set the particleInteger value to 0:

if length(pCont.particleSpeed) < slowSpeed then

pCont.particleInteger = 0


--If the particle is faster than the slowSpeed value, test its

--speed against the fastSpeed value. If faster, assign 2, if slower,

--(between slowSpeed and fastSpeed), assign 1 to the

--particleInteger channel:



if (length(pCont.particleSpeed) > fastSpeed) then

pCont.particleInteger = 2


pCont.particleInteger = 1


)--end i loop

)--end Proceed

--The Release handler is used to do cleanup work.

--Not used in this case.

on Release pCont do



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