particleVector Sample Script


The following sample script assigns Vector values to the particleVector channel.

Can Be Used With:

Can be used in a Script_Operator to control the Target Point position of a Find_Target Test.



Takes a scene geometry object, gets the position of its first vertex, adds a random offset to it and assigns to the particleVector channel of all particles. In result, all particles stream towards the vertex thanks to the Find_Target which is set to read the particleVector channel and send all particles to the position in the channel:


Sample File:



--The ChannelsUsed handler defines the channels

--to be made available to the script.

--For the list of all channels, see

--Interface: MaxscriptParticleContainer

--The parameter pCont passed to the handler

--contains the Particle Container the script is applied to

on ChannelsUsed pCont do


--Enable the Vector channel:

pCont.useVector = true 



--The Init hander is called on initialization.

--It is not used in this case.

on Init pCont do


--Define a global variable with unique name and store the

--scene object which also has a unique name in it

global obj_19680217 = $Sphere_19680217

--If the scene object does not exist, create a sphere,

--give it the unique name and assign to the global variable

if obj_19680217 == undefined then

obj_19680217 = Sphere name:"$Sphere_19680217"



--The Proceed handler contains the main script

--applied to the Particles.

--The parameter pCont passed to the handler

--contains the Particle Container the script is applied to:

on Proceed pCont do

--Get the current number of particles

count = pCont.NumParticles()


--Loop from 1 to the number of particles:

for i in 1 to count do



--Set the particle index in the container to the current i value.

--This makes the i-th particle in the container the current one

pCont.particleIndex = i


--Get the position of the first vertex of the scene object.

vpos = (getVert obj_19680217.mesh 1)


--Add a random variation between –1 and +1 to all 3 axes

vpos += random [-1,-1,-1] [1,1,1]


--Set the particleVector channel value to the calculated value

pCont.particleVector = vpos

 )--end i loop

)--end Proceed


--The Release handler is used to do cleanup work.

--Not used in this case.

on Release pCont do



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