Point_Surf : GeometryClass

Point_Surfs are NURBS surface objects defined by interpolated points. All NURBS objects are created through the special NURBS descriptor classes (see Working with NURBS) and the Point_Surf class is used typically in object class testing with the classOf() function. Scene objects created as Point Surface objects in the 3ds Max user interface have the class Point_Surf.


NURBSNode <nurbs_set> ...

See Creating New NURBS Objects for details.


<Point_Surf>.thickness Float  default: 1.0 -- animatable

Rendered thickness of the surface.

<Point_Surf>.sides  Integer  default: 12 -- animatable

Rendered sides of the surface.

<Point_Surf>.angle  Float  default: 0.0 -- animatable

The rotational position of the cross-section in the renderer.

Other properties for Point Surfaces are accessed through a NURBSSet descriptor object. See Working with NURBS for more details.

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