Scripted Utilities and Rollouts

MAXScript provides a set of classes and functions and some special syntax to allow you to construct custom rollouts that can be incorporated into the existing 3ds Max user interface. You typically use custom rollouts to provide a point-and-click interface to a tool that you have written or want to write in MAXScript, so users of your tool don't have to work with it at the script level.

There are two places in the 3ds Max user interface where you can install scripted rollouts:

Choosing which place is best for your scripted rollouts depends on a number of factors. It is best to keep them in the Utilities panel if possible, as that maximizes the use of the screen and is consistent with the 3ds Max user interface conventions. However sometimes it is useful to have them in a modeless window if the user of your tool needs to move between the various command panels while using the tool. In some cases, you might want to provide a "float me" button on a scripted Utility rollout, similar to the Color Clipboard utility, so the user can choose to display the rollouts in a rollout floater window or in the Utilities panel.

The following topics provide information about scripting utility panels and rollout floater windows:

Scripted Utility Panels

Utility Clauses

Managing Multiple Rollouts in a Scripted Utility

Rollout Clauses

Utility and Rollout Properties, Methods, and Event Handlers

Rollout User-Interface Controls

Visibility of Locals, Functions, Structures, and User-Interface Items in Rollout Code

Accessing Locals and Other Items in a Rollout from External Code

Rollout Floater Windows