Selection Filters and Display Filters

The Selection Filter list lets you restrict to specific types and combinations of objects that can be selected by the selection tools. For example, if Cameras is selected, you can select only cameras with the selection tools. Other objects cannot be selected interactively with the mouse in the viewport. (They can be selected using the Select By Name, Selection Sets or MAXScript select methods though).

Selection Filter Methods:


Returns the index of the current selection select filter in the selection filter list. For example, by default 1 means All, 4 means Lights, 8 means Bones etc.


<void>SetSelectFilter <int_index>

Set the current select filter by index.


For example,

setSelectFiler 5 --set selection filter to Cameras



Returns the number of selection filters in the drop down.


<string>GetSelectFilterName <int_index>

Returns the name of the indexed selection filter.

For example,

for i = 1 to GetNumberSelectFilters() do --go through all

format "%: %\n" i (GetSelectFilterName i) --print index and name


1: All

2: Geometry

3: Shapes

4: Lights

5: Cameras

6: Helpers

7: Warps

8: Bone

9: IK Chain Object

10: Point


Display Filter Methods:

<bool>GetDisplayFilter <int_index>

Returns true if the the indexed display filter is enabled, false otherwise.


that other than the Selection filers which can be enabled only one at a time, any number of Display filters can be activated at the same time.


<void>SetDisplayFilter <int_index> <bool_on>

Sets the enabled state of the indexed display filter to the supplied Boolean value.

For example,

setDisplayFiler 3 --set display filter to Point



Returns the number of display filters in the display panel's list box.


<string>GetDisplayFilterName <int_index>

Returns the name of the indexed display filter.

For example,

for i = 1 to GetNumberDisplayFilters() do --go through all

format "%: %\n" i (GetDisplayFilterName i) --print index and name


1: Bone

2: IK Chain Object

3: Point


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