ShadowMap : Shadow

shadowMap - superclass: Shadow; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(256, 0)


shadowMap ...


<shadowMap>.mapsize Integer default: 512 -- animatable; integer; Map_Size

The shadow map size in pixels

<shadowMap>.samplerange Float default: 4.0 -- animatable; float; Map_Range

The shadow map sample range

<shadowMap>.mapbias Float default: 1.0 -- animatable; float; Map_Bias

Controls the shadow map bias - the distance from the shadowing surface to the shadow.

<shadowMap>.absoluteMapBias Boolean default: false -- animatable; boolean; Absolute_Bias

When set to true, the Map bias is taken as world units. When false (relative), the bias is calculated relative to the scene size.

<shadowMap>.twoSidedShadows Boolean default: false -- boolean

When true, backfaces are not ignored when calculating shadows. Objects seen from the inside are not lit by lights from the outside. This costs a bit more render time. When false, backfaces are ignored. Rendering is quicker, but outside lights illuminate object interiors.

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