ShapeMerge : GeometryClass


ShapeMerge compound objects are not constructable by MAXScript.


<ShapeMerge>.Operation_Type Integer default: 1

Set the shapemerge operation type:

0- Cookie Cutter (Cuts the shape out of the mesh object's surface.)

1- Merge (Merges the shape with the surface of the mesh object.)

<ShapeMerge>.Remove_Interior_Exterior Integer default: 0

Reverses the effect of Cookie Cutter or Merge. With the Cookie Cutter option, the effect is obvious. When Invert is off, the shape is a hole in the mesh object. When Invert is on, the shape is solid and the mesh is missing. When you're using Merge, Invert reverses the sub-object mesh selection.

0- Invert OFF

1- Invert ON

<ShapeMerge>.Output_Sub_Mesh_Selection Integer default: 0

Sets which selection level is output:

0- None (Outputs the full object.)

1- Vertex (Outputs the vertices defined by the spline of the shape.)

2- Edge (Outputs the edge of the merged shape.)

3- Face (Outputs the faces within the merged shape.)

The following properties are available only after the ShapeMerge object has been created. The values shown for the properties are those for a ShapeMerge object created from a sphere and a circle. SubAnims similar to the Circle01 SubAnim would be created if additions operands were used. The operand transforms are in the local coordinate system of the ShapeMerge object.

<ShapeMerge>.mesh__sphere01 SubAnim default: SubAnim:Mesh__Sphere01

<ShapeMerge>.mesh_transform SubAnim default: SubAnim:Mesh_Transform

<ShapeMerge>.shape_1__circle01 SubAnim default: SubAnim:Shape_1__Circle01

<ShapeMerge>.shape_1_transform SubAnim default: SubAnim:Shape_1_Transform

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