Shockwave Flash ActiveX Object Events

Here is a sample script that creates a text object and sets the text to FSCommand event argument value sent by shockwave flash objects:

Sample Script

rollout rFlash "Shockwave Flash Object"


local txtObj

fn checkTextObject =


if $text01 == undefined then


txtObj = text text:"" name:"text01"

addModifier txtObj (extrude amount:10)

txtObj.wirecolor = red

rotate txtObj 90 x_axis


else ( txtObj = $text01 )


activeXControl axFlash "{D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000}" height:200 width:300 align:#left

on axFlash OnReadyStateChange arg1 do format "handler: OnReadyStateChange : %\n" arg1

on axFlash OnProgress arg1 do format "handler: OnProgress : %\n" arg1

on axFlash FSCommand arg1 arg2 do



txtObj.text = arg1 + "+" + arg2

max tool zoomextents all  


on rFlash open do

( = "e:\\Movie1.swf" = "e:\\Movie1.swf" -- need to load 2nd time sometimes





flashFloater = newRolloutFloater "Shockwave Flash Object" 350 300 10 10

addRollout rFlash flashFloater



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