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showInterfaces {<maxwrapper> | <maxclass> | node} [ to:<stream> ]

where <maxwrapper> is the 3ds Max object to be inspected

and <maxclass> is the 3ds Max class to be inspected

and the optional to:<stream> keyword argument specifies a Stream Value to output the display to.

When the 3ds Max entity specified is a node (for example $box01), this function only displays the Interfaces of the base object. It does not show the Interfaces of the transform controllers, modifiers, or materials applied to the object. To display the Interfaces for one of these objects, that object must be specified as the 3ds Max entity.

As a special case, you can also call showInterfaces on the superclass 'Node' to display the interfaces that are common to all scene nodes.

The display of interface information is divided into three sections: Properties, Methods, and Actions.

In the Properties section, each property exposed by the interface is listed along with its data type or enumeration values and whether the property can be read and written to.

In the Methods section, each method is listed along with its return type and its argument list. The value type for each argument is shown. If the return type of is shown as <void>, the method returns a value of 'ok'. Methods that are used by Actions are commented as such. These methods typically require that the object be selected and active in the appropriate command panel.

In the Actions section, each Action is listed along with its category and action description as shown in the Customize User Interface dialog, and the shortcut keys, if any, assigned to the Action.


Refer to the MAXScript Class Hierarchy to see which objects are exposed via maxwrapper.


showinterfaces node



showinterfaces node

Interface: INode


.boneEnable : boolean : Read|Write

.posTaskWeight : float : Read|Write

.rotTaskWeight : float : Read|Write

.boneAutoAlign : boolean : Read|Write

.boneFreezeLength : boolean : Read|Write

.boneScaleType : enum : Read|Write

boneScaleType enums: {#scale|#squash|#none}

.stretchTM : matrix3 by value : Read

.boneAxis : enum : Read|Write

boneAxis enums: {#X|#Y|#Z}

.boneAxisFlip : boolean : Read|Write

.primaryVisibility : boolean : Read|Write

.secondaryVisibility : boolean : Read|Write

.applyAtmospherics : boolean : Read|Write

.vertexColorType : enum : Read|Write

vertexColorType enums: {#color|#illum|#alpha|#color_plus_illum}

.showVertexColors : integer : Read|Write

.shadeVertexColors : integer : Read|Write

.handle : DWORD : Read


<void>setBoneEnable <boolean>onOff <time>time





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