SpaceFFDCyl : SpacewarpObject

SpaceFFDCyl - superclass: SpacewarpObject; super-superclass:node - classID: #(-96010050, -1142402991)


spaceFFDCyl ...

Note: This class is not available in Autodesk VIZ.


<SpaceFFDCyl>.radius Float default: 0.0 -- animatable

Sets the radius of the lattice.

<SpaceFFDCyl>.height Float default: 0.0 -- animatable

Sets the height of the lattice.

<SpaceFFDCyl>.dispLattice Boolean default: true -- alias: Lattice

When on, lines are drawn connecting the control points to make a grid.

<SpaceFFDCyl>.dispSource Boolean default: false -- alias: Source_Volume

When on, the control points and lattice are displayed in their unmodified state.

<SpaceFFDCyl>.deformType Integer default: 0

Specifies which vertices are affected by the FFD:

0- Only In Volume (Only vertices that lie inside the source volume are deformed. Vertices outside the source volume are not affected.)

1- All Vertices (All vertices are deformed regardless of whether they lie inside or outside the source volume, depending on the .falloff value.)

<SpaceFFDCyl>.falloff Float default: 0.0 -- animatable

The distance from the lattice that the FFD effect will decrease to zero. When this spinner is set to 0, it's effectively turned off, and there is no falloff; that is, all vertices are affected regardless of their distance from the lattice. The units of the Falloff parameter are specified relative to the size of the lattice: A falloff of 1 means that the effect will go to 0 for points that are a lattice width/length/height away from the lattice (depending on which side they are on).

<SpaceFFDCyl>.tension Float default: 25.0 -- animatable

Sets the tension of the deformation splines.

<SpaceFFDCyl>.continuity Float default: 25.0 -- animatable

Sets the continuity of the deformation splines.

Associated Methods

bindSpaceWarp <node> <spaceFFDCyl_node>

Associated Binding Modifier


This modifier is automatically created by the bindSpaceWarp() method, and is not otherwise creatable by MAXScript. There are no properties associated with this binding modifier.


The number of control points in a SpaceFFDCyl is always 4x8x4.

There is no method for assigning controllers to the FFD control points, nor is there a method for assigning the number or accessing the number of Side, Radial, and Height points using MAXScript in 3ds Max.

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