Sunlight : System

Sunlight system objects are not creatable by MAXScript.

A Sunlight system is comprised of a Compass Helper object and a TargetDirectionalLight object. The TargetDirectionalLight's transform is controlled by a set of float controllers, which are sub-controllers of a non-accessible position controller (a Sunlight_Slave_Controller position controller). These float controllers can be accessed as subAnims of the TargetDirectionalLight node. These float controllers, and their subAnim index number, are:

Solar_Time - subAnim[3]

Solar_Date - subAnim[4]

Latitude - subAnim[5]

Longitude - subAnim[6]

Orbital_Scale - subAnim[7]

For example,

if node $Sun01 is the light for a Sunlight system, the Solar_Time controller can be accessed as:


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