System Information

sysInfo const StructDef


A read only variable to get the Windows directory as a <string> value.


A read only variable to get the Windows System directory as a <string> value.


A read only variable to get the Temp directory as a <string> value.


Variable to get/set the current directory as a <string> value.


A read only variable to get the user name as a <string> value.


A read only variable to get the computer name as a <string> value.


A read only variable to get the number of CPUs as an <integer> value.


A read only system global variable - returns the Windows Desktop size in pixels as a Point2 value. Note that on dual monitor systems with the desktop set to stretch on both monitors, the desktop size returned will include the second monitor.


A read only system global variable. Returns the Windows Desktop color depth as an integer value in Bits Per Pixel. For example, if the graphics driver is set to 32 bit True Color, the value returned will be 32.


Get/set the 3ds Max process priority as a <name> value. Valid priority name values are #high, #normal, and #low


Returns a 3 element array.

The first 2 elements are integer values that correspond to the Primary Language and SubLanguage IDs. See the Windows SDK Help file for documentation of these IDs.

The third element is a description script for the current language.

If user: is true (the default) the current user's language is returned. If false, the system's language is returned.

Available in 3ds Max 6 and higher.


Returns a 7 element array containing system memory status data. The array elements contain the following, respectively:




for i=2 to 7 do r[i] /= (1024*1024.)

format "percent of memory in use:\t%\n" r[1]

format "total physical memory:\t% MB\n" r[2]

format "free physical memory:\t% MB\n" r[3]

format "used physical memory:\t% MB\n" (r[2]-r[3])

format "total paging file size:\t% MB\n" r[4]

format "free paging file size:\t% MB\n" r[5]

format "used paging file size:\t% MB\n" (r[4]-r[5])

format "total virtual memory:\t% MB\n" r[6]

format "free virtual memory:\t\t% MB\n" r[7]

format "used virtual memory:\t\t% MB\n" (r[6]-r[7])




percent of memory in use: 0

total physical memory: 255.359 MB

free physical memory: 16.5156 MB

used physical memory: 238.844 MB

total paging file size: 1016.3 MB

free paging file size: 757.898 MB

used paging file size: 258.398 MB

total virtual memory: 2047.88 MB

free virtual memory:  1846.55 MB

used virtual memory:  201.328 MB



Returns a 9 element array containing 3ds Max memory status data. The array elements contain the following, respectively:




for i=2 to 9 do r[i] /= (1024*1024.)

format "Page Fault Count:\t\t\t%\n" r[1]

format "Peak Working Set Size:\t\t% MB\n" r[2]

format "Working Set Size:\t\t\t% MB\n" r[3]

format "Quota Peak Paged Pool Usage:\t% MB\n" r[4]

format "Quota Paged Pool Usage:\t\t% MB\n" r[5]

format "Quota Peak NonPaged Pool Usage:\t% MB\n" r[6]

format "Quota NonPaged Pool Usage:\t\t% MB\n" r[7]

format "Pagefile Usage:\t\t\t% MB\n" r[8]

format "Peak Pagefile Usage:\t\t\t% MB\n" r[9]




Page Fault Count:   32948

Peak Working Set Size:  70.3594 MB

Working Set Size:   70.3594 MB

Quota Peak Paged Pool Usage: 0.166186 MB

Quota Paged Pool Usage:  0.161236 MB

Quota Peak NonPaged Pool Usage: 0.0213509 MB

Quota NonPaged Pool Usage:  0.0213509 MB

Pagefile Usage:   58.9023 MB

Peak Pagefile Usage:   58.9219 MB

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