Tessellate : Modifier

Tessellate - superclass: modifier; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(-1548587022, 0)


Tessellate ...


<Tessellate>.tension Float default: 2500.0 -- animatable, percentage

Determines if the new faces are flat, concave, or convex after Edge tessellation. A positive value rounds faces by pushing vertices outward. A negative value creates concave faces by pulling vertices inward. A setting of 0 keeps the faces flat.


The tension value is 100* the value shown in the 3ds Max user interface.

<tessellate>.faceType Integer default: 0

The faceType mode corresponding to the Operate On option in the UI:

0 - Operate on Faces

1 - Operate on Polygons

<tessellate>.type Integer default: 0

The tessellation type:

0 - Edge

1 - Face-Center

<tessellate>.iterations Integer default: 0

The number of tessellation iterations. Note that while the UI limits the number of iterations to 4, you can set higher values via MAXScript.

<tessellate>.updateWhen Integer default: 0

The update mode:

0 - Always

1 - When Rendering

2 - Manually

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