Time Literals

Time is a basic data type in MAXScript. Its semantics are based on animation time in 3ds Max, where you can express time in frames, ticks or normalized time. In 3ds Max, time is stored with a resolution of 4800 ticks per second.

The format for a time literal is one of:

[-]{<decimal_number>[m | s | f | t]}+ -- minutes/sec/frames/ticks

[-]{<digit>}:{<digit>}[.{<digit>}] -- SMPTE mins:secs.frame

[-]<decimal_number>n -- active segment normalized time

In the first form, the {...}+ indicates one or more repetitions, so you can string together minutes/seconds/frames/ticks. If you do this, they must be in the specific minutes/seconds/frames/ticks order.

The normalized time form is always relative to the current active animation time segment.


2.5s -- 2.5 seconds

1m15s -- 1 minute 15 seconds

2m30s5f2t -- 2 minutes 30 seconds 5 frames 2 ticks

125f -- 125 frames

18.25f -- 18.25 frames

1f20t -- 1 frame 20 ticks

2:10.0 -- 2 minutes 10 seconds 0 frames (SMPTE)

0:0.29 -- 29 frames (SMPTE)

0.45n -- 0.45 normalized time (fraction of active segment)

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