Toy_Car : Helper

Toy_Car - superclass: Helper; super-superclass:Node - classID: #(784217882, 1128155991)


The Toy_Car Helper creates a simple car. It lets you choose a chassis and wheels for your car, tweak various properties such as the strength of its suspension, and specify whether you would like Reactor to turn its wheels during the simulation. All necessary constraints will be sets up automatically to simulate the car.


Toy_Car ...

rctToyCar ...


.chassis (Car_Chassis) : node

Get/Set the chassis node.

.wheelsTab (Wheels_Tab) : node array

Get/Set the array of wheels.

.angularStrength (Angular_Strength) : float

This indicates the strength of the corrective forces applied to keep the wheels upright and pointing forwards

.linearStrength (Linear_Strength) : float

Get/Set the strength of the forces applied to keep the wheels in position relative to the chassis.

.suspension : float

Get/Set the suspension strength for the car. The lower the value, the more the chassis will bounce when forces are applied to it.

.allowInterpenetration (Allow_Interpenetration) : boolean

When set to true, collision detection is switched off between the chassis and the wheels.

.spinWheels (Spin_Wheels) : boolean

When set to true, the car's wheels will spin during the simulation

.angularSpeed (Angular_Speed) : float

Get/Set the target angular velocity that Reactor will work to achieve for the wheels when Spin Wheels is set to 1. Specified in radians per second

.gain : float

Get/Set the maximum angular impulse that can be applied to the wheels in order to achieve the target velocity.

.disabled : boolean

When set to True, the Toy_Car will be disabled.

.carOrientation (Car_Orientation) : integer

Get/Set the car orientation mode. Possible values are:

0 - Icon Orientation

1 - Common Local Orientation

.suspensionAxis (Suspension_Axis) : integer

Get/Set the suspension axis. Possible values are

0 - X axis

1 - Y axis

2 - Z axis

.spinAxis (Spin_Axis) : integer

Get/Set the spin axis. Possible values are

0 - X axis

1 - Y axis

2 - Z axis

.internalSubsteps (Internal_Substeps) : integer

Get/Set the number of internal substeps per keyframe.

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