Track View Pick Dialog

The Track View Pick dialog displays the hierarchy for the 3ds Max scene in a manner similar to what is seen in Track View. The user can select one or more items from this dialog. The following method displays the Track View Pick dialog:

trackView.pickTrackDlg [#multiple] [<filter function>] [options:<integer>]

This method brings up the Track View Pick dialog and returns a TrackViewPick value when the user selects a track and clicks "Ok", or undefined if the user clicks "Cancel".

If the optional argument #multiple is passed, multiple tracks can be picked in the dialog and an array of TrackViewPick values is returned instead of single value.

If the optional filter_function is supplied, each track is passed to the function as a TrackViewPick value. If the function returns true, the track is selectable in the Track View Pick dialog.

If the optional keyword argument options: is specified, the bits of the integer value define what is shown in the Track View Pick dialog.

The bits are:

0: turn on display of animated tracks only

1: turn off display of node Visibility track

2: turn on display of only selected nodes

3: turn off display of World Space Modifiers

4: turn off display of Object Space Modifiers

5: turn off display of node Transform track

6: turn off display of node base object

7: turn off display of controller types

8: turn off display of note tracks

9: turn off display of the sound track

10: turn off display of maps in materials

11: turn off display of material parameters

12: turn on display of hidden nodes

13: turn off display of hierarchy

14: turn off display of non-keyable tracks

15: turn off display of nodes

16: turn off display of geometry nodes

17: turn off display of shape nodes

18: turn off display of light nodes

19: turn off display of camera nodes

20: turn off display of helper nodes

21: turn off display of warp nodes

22: turn off display of position controllers

23: turn off display of rotation controllers

24: turn off display of scale controllers

25: turn off display of bone nodes

26: set focus to first selected node found


TrackViewPick : Value

Instances of the TrackViewPick class store the result of a selection from the Track View Pick dialog. A TrackViewPick value has the following properties:

<trackViewPick>.name : string

The name of the picked item as shown in the Track View Pick dialog.

<trackViewPick>.anim : subAnim

The subAnim for the item the user picked.

<trackViewPick>.client : MAXWrapper

The owner of the subAnim for the item the user picked. If the owner is a subclass of MAXWrapper, the MAXWrapper value for the owner is returned, otherwise a value of undefined is returned.

<trackViewPick>.subNum : integer

The subAnim index for anim in client.


-- Create a sphere and apply a bend modifier and execute


-- pick objects->Sphere01->Modified object->Bend->Angle

tvp.anim -- returns SubAnim:Angle

tvp.client -- returns Bend:Bend

tvp.subNum -- returns 3 -- returns "Angle"

tvp.client[tvp.subNum] -- returns SubAnim:Angle