Using the HTML Help Viewer

This online information system is a compiled HTML help (.chm) file; you view it using Microsoft's HTML Help Viewer, powered by Internet Explorer. The HTML Help Viewer is a three-pane window:

Here are some tips on how to find more information when using the HTML Help Viewer:

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Searching for Help Topics



Most of information about using the HTML Help Viewer has been supplied directly by Microsoft. It has been made freely available for inclusion in HTML help projects such as this one. This information has been edited and reformatted to match the Discreet online information systems.


To find a help topic

  1. In the Navigation pane, click one of the following tabs:

  1. Click the contents entry, index entry, or search results entry to display the corresponding topic.

To copy a help topic

  1. In the Topic pane, right-click the topic you want to copy, and then click Select All.

  2. Right-click again, and then click Copy. This copies the topic to the Clipboard.

  3. Open the document you want to copy the topic to.

  4. Position your cursor where you want the information to appear.

  5. On the Edit menu, click Paste.

To copy only part of a topic

To print the current help topic

If you print from the Contents tab (by right-clicking an entry, and then clicking Print) you will see options to print only the current topic, or the current topic and all subtopics.

To hide or show the Navigation pane

If you close the Help Viewer with the Navigation pane hidden, it will appear that way when you open the Help Viewer again.