Using the MAXScript Documentation

This reference is written primarily for animators learning MAXScript. The topics are organized with the introductory material presented first, then descriptions of the MAXScript syntax and grammar, followed by a description of creating, accessing, and modifying the various 3ds Max objects. These 3ds Max objects include geometry objects, modifiers, controllers, materials, textures, and render effects. The MAXScript tools are then described, followed by descriptions of the methods for interacting with the 3ds Max user interface, accessing external files, and establishing notifications to a script when an object or 3ds Max state changes. Throughout these topics, the purpose and syntax of the commands in the MAXScript language are described.

Although it’s helpful to have programming experience, the basic aspects of MAXScript do not require this or an in-depth understanding of the structure underlying 3ds Max. Concepts presented in one topic do assume a basic understanding of the concepts presented in earlier topics. At the very least, the topics in the "Learning MAXScript" chapter and the topics up to and including Controlling Program Flow in the "MAXScript Language Reference" chapter should be read in order. By reading the topics in order, you will learn the MAXScript language starting with the basics, and work your way toward writing full-featured MAXScript utilities. In the later sections, features and techniques are presented for programmers with more advanced programming experience.

For those new to MAXScript, Learning MAXScript provides an introduction to the features, syntax, and practical applications of MAXScript. Users who only intend to use MAXScript tools written by 3rd parties without learning the language itself will find the MAXScript for New and Casual Users topics useful.

This document also features a set of How To - Practical Examples which can be used as tutorials or as starting point for own script development, and an index of Online Help Script Examples listing useful scripts located inside of various topics.

Several chapters have been dedicated to MAXScript Extensions incl. character studio, mental ray, Particle Flow, reactor, and other related products like plasma, gmax and Autodesk VIZ.

The Frequently Asked Questions chapter provides links to relevant topics and solutions to real-world problems based on questions by users.

The Locating Information in this Help File chapter provides several Topic Index pages for easier access to information related to common scripting tasks.

For information about navigating this online reference, searching, and marking often-accessed topics, see topics in the last section, Using the HTML Help Viewer.

To see what has been added to MAXScript in 3ds Max 8, see What was New in MAXScript in 3ds Max 8