ViewportManagerCustAttrib : CustAttrib

ViewportManagerCustAttrib - superclass: CustAttrib; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 4:0 - classID: #(1510353212, 809634846)


Class instances not creatable by MAXScript.


<ViewportManagerCustAttrib>.effect Integer default: 0 -- integer; EffectList


<ViewportManagerCustAttrib>.enabled Boolean default: false -- Boolean


<ViewportManagerCustAttrib>.dxStdMat BooleanClass default: false -- Boolean

Get/set the status of the DirectX Standard Material display.

<ViewportManagerCustAttrib>.SaveFXFile UndefinedClass default: undefined -- filename;

Get/set the file name of the FX file.

ViewportManagerCustAttrib Interface:

Interface: viewportmanager



Returns the number of available viewport effects.


Returns the active viewport effect.

<maxObject>setViewportEffect <integer>effectindex

Sets the indexed viewport effect as the active effect.

<string>getViewportEffectName <integer>effectindex

Returns the name of the indexed viewport effect.

<float>activateEffect <material>material <boolean>state

Enables/Disables the viewport effect for the specified material.


Returns true if the DirectX Standard Material display is enabled, false otherwise.

<void>activateDxStdMat <bool>active

When the parameter is true, enables the DirectX Standard Material display in the viewports, when false, disables it.

<bool>saveFXFile <filename>filename

Saves the DirectX Shader to the supplied FX file name.


Returns the name of the active effect as string.


ViewportManagerCustAttrib Interface:

Interface: SaveEffectFile


<boolean>SaveAsFXFile() -- Action Interface


<boolean>DXDisplay() -- Action Interface


Category: DirectX_Manager; Action: Save_as__FX_File; Shortcut: -- none defined --

Category: DirectX_Manager; Action: DX_Display; Shortcut: -- none defined --

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