What is the differences between Arrays and BitArrays?

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An Array in MAXScript can contain any number of elements, and each element can be of any type incl. integers, floats, strings, Point3 values, colors, and even other arrays.

A BitArray on the other hand can contain only one type of information. Nomen Est Omen - this type is a single bit, a binary digit. A bit can be either set (1, true) or not set (0, false). This means that a BitArray can only store binary information, any number of bits representing true or false values. Obviously, a bitArray is much more memory-efficient as it can store 8 values in a single byte, while a single element of a regular array requires multiple bytes to store a single value!

A bitArray can be very useful when getting and setting face properties like selected status etc.

You can convert a bitArray to an Array, and an Array containing only true and false values to bitArray.


that appending elements to a bitArray tends to be slower than appending elements to a regular array. Pre-defining a bitArray to the desired size first and then setting its elements by index is much, much faster.

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