ZRenderElement : MAXObject

ZRenderElement - superclass: MAXObject; super-superclass:Value - 7:0 - classID: #(12, 0)


ZRenderElement ...

Z_Depth ...


<ZRenderElement>.enabled Boolean default: true -- boolean

Shows whether the element is enabled.

<ZRenderElement>.filterOn Boolean default: false -- boolean; FilteringOn

When on, applies the active antialiasing filter to the rendered element. When off, the rendered element does not use the antialiasing filter. Default=on.

The Filter Enabled column of the elements list shows whether or not the filter is enabled for an element.

You choose the antialiasing filter in the Anti-Aliasing group of the 3ds Max Default Scanline A-Buffer rollout.

Disabling antialiasing can improve rendering time, although the rendered element that results might appear jagged.

<ZRenderElement>.elementName String default: "Z Depth" -- string

Shows the name of the element. You can change the default name of elements, in the Selected Element Parameters group.

To select an element, click its name in the list. Use CTRL+click to select additional elements, or SHIFT+click to select a contiguous group of additional elements.

<ZRenderElement>.bitmap UndefinedClass default: undefined -- bitmap


<ZRenderElement>.zMin Float default: 100.0 -- float; Z_Min

The minimum distance to include in the Z-depth rendering. This is a value in 3ds Max units. Default=0.0 (cannot be less than zero).

<ZRenderElement>.zMax Float default: 300.0 -- float; Z_Max

The maximum distance to include in the Z-depth rendering. This is a value in 3ds Max units. Default=100.0.

<ZRenderElement>.zUpdate BooleanClass default: false -- boolean; Z_depth_update

Get/Set the state of the Update option. Available in 3ds Max 8 and higher.

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