To install PolyBoost, unzip the PolyBoost zip package to a separate folder and copy paste the folder named "PolyBoost" into your local Scripts directory: 3dsmax/Scripts/. Once it is in place you need to start 3ds max and run the "PolyBoost_Setup.mse" from Maxscript/Run the menu. The setup will guide you through the process of installing.

You will be asked to enter your serialnumber. To get your serialnumber, go to the polyboost website at and login to your account in the "User area" on the website. In the user area you will generate a serialnumber using the requestnumber in the setupdialog, so copy that number and bring it with you to the website.

For installation of the demo no serialnumber is needed. When running the demo you will get 20 sessions of 3ds max using the PolyBoost tools. The demo can at any time be authorized to activate the full version of PolyBoost. To authorize the demo run the "PolyBoost_Setup.mse" once again or press the "Authorize" button in the "Other" section of the main interface which will run the setup. This time enter your serialnumber and authorize.

In order to get access to the icons for the various shortcuts you will need to restart max after installation.